Question of the Week #6: What business practice or use case launched the use of panorama within your organization?

  • 22 August 2022
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What was the business case that launched your use of segmentation or panorama within your environment? 

4 replies

We use panoramas to segment material for our users, our internal teammates, and our channel partners. We actually don’t use our main academy and have every learner in one of our panoramas. 

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We use panoramas with different audience segments so we can brand sites differently for the different audiences. @emily.natoli.liongard do you have administrators at your channel partner level?

@Janelle , At this point, we do not. We’ve seen some transition on our Channel team so it hasn’t been a priority. If you do, would love any tips and tricks. 

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We are a franchise organization. We use panoramas to segment out our franchises that all are independent business owners. They have pano authoring and admin rights, they create their own content, deliver to learners, and operate their businesses within their panoramas.