VR Training

  • 26 March 2024
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Is anyone using VR training for customers or employees, and if so what challenges have you found, if any, with any integration into the LMS?

4 replies

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@charles.zimmerman - is this something you can offer input on? Pretty sure you use VR in your training…


Sure. I should have qualified this further. What I meant by VR is the use of Virtual Reality headsets to replicate a physical activity, instead of having clients from various world-wide location flying in to X location to be trained hands-on in a physical lab setting.


Hopefully that helps to clarify.


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@Marc Wilner @JulieC does VR training through Ti.  I encourage you to visit VR Training Simulator | Virtual Crane | VR Simulator Near Me ( to see examples.  Essentially we are developing in a product called Unity and then we use WebGL to talk back to Ti.  As far as a user is concerned, it’s just an iframe or pop out window.  I hope this helps.

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@Marc Wilner I see your clarification and we still that.  Folks have the option of spending the money to have us ship and support VR stations including the computer because we cannot assume they have one capable.  In fact, some topics require the depth perception skills be used for things like operating a crane or testing cable and wire flexibility.  Back to Ti though, we use that often for final simulation-based testing on topics like Inspection of Equipment.