Any widgets that can show the courses/content/objects in a Learning Path?

  • 20 May 2024
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I’m looking to build a page that has courses from all the Learning Paths a learner may have access to. 
Here’s a terrible sketch from

Navigation Bar at the top with links to relevant pages, etc. etc.

Hero Image welcoming them to this specific page.

Learning Path 1 Widget, dynamically shows courses/content that is in that Learning Path and that Learning Path only.

Learning Path 2 Widget, same as Learning Path 1, dynamically shows courses/content that is in that Learning Path.

Repeat for LP 3, 4, 5, etc.

Has anyone already done something like this? Other alternatives I’ve thought of was running a SP Page that has all the courses on it, but that loses the dynamic aspect and it becomes another thing we need to manage. Thoughts?

1 reply

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What if you were to create a LP and custom design the layout? You can add featured content widgets to display content based on a query, adding a few for each of the LPs you’re wanting to display in total and just pull in the pieces of content. 

I did something similar when trying to find a solution to pull in 5 LPs into a single display and I really like way it turned out.