• 16 August 2022
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Are you charging for your education? Let me know how you’re using it.

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We do monetize our content. We offer individual courses for sale, subscriptions and then panorama subscriptions (these are custom setups with branding, etc.). We are a training company and we offer in-person, live online and asychronous online courses that range from $26 to $2,500 depending on the items. We also list related products of physical goods that a person can opt to buy when purchasing a course (like a reference card or book).

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We are a training company and all of our content is for sale. We sell online courses, in person workshops, and physical products (books, etc.) to support our training. Our online courses are provided to the customer for a set period of time (30 or 90 days usually). We also sell “course extensions” to extend that access as needed.

We are just now launching and unfortunately are finding the ecommerce side of Ti is really lacking - so we are having to create soo many workarounds to accomplish what we were able to accomplish with Shopify sadly. I would love to answer more questions for you to help Ti build up their ecommerce product! Please let’s help each other!!


We charge for our 4 basic certification programs.  From there, buy a cert = the other 700 articles and videos are free.  No cert = no access to articles and videos.  Most content for us is value added.