Where does the modal description in ecommerce products appear?

  • 23 November 2022
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I’m hoping someone has worked with ecommerce products and knows where the “modal” description shows up. I know for sure it shows up in a collection detail page, but wasn’t sure if it shows up anywhere else?


4 replies

Good day to you.  I have never seen a “modal description”.  I have seen a meta description.  Can you say how you got there?  Meta is under content details>SEO.  We don’t use SEO but happy to help if I can.  Maybe I could use it but we don’t use the details page so perhaps I have never seen it.  

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We have yet to figure out where the “modal” description shows up as well. We just fill it in with the normal description just in case. We haven’t really done too much with the ecommerce products to have that much experience with it yet though.

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@czimmerman  - sorry I didn’t respond earlier. The modal description is in each ecommerce product under short description as shown in the screenshot below: 



@juliefiretech Thank you.  I have never noticed this before.  Thank you.  This may be a good support tix.  Did you find out what it is for or where it appears to the user?