Looking Forward in 2024

  • 2 January 2024
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Looking Ahead in 2024


It was so great to see the success you had in 2023! Now we want to know what you have planned to achieve in 2024 with the Thought Industries platform. Share with the community your goals, dreams, and plans for the year ahead.



2 replies

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Hello Everyone,

Best wishes for the new year.

Our Goal is to attract new users to our site and make users engaged with our learning offerings.

Dream is to have best LMS site with wide range of Learning offerings - something for everyone

We have Planned to revamp our instance make it more dynamic, user friendly and easy navigation.

There is always so much to do with TI’s exciting features, for 2024 my team have planned to revamp our LMS insistence by utilising the features as much as possible, having more Tags and custom fields to make our user experience best and navigation more easier.

More use of Adaptive Learning paths and creating interactive content to keep the user engaged on the platform. We want to take our instance to next level with TI’s cool features.

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@Vandana that sounds very exciting! Please keep us all posted on how it is going throughout the year and how we as a community can help.