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  • 6 October 2022
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The Wednesday morning sessions of Cognition22 were packed to the top with the concept of “Building without Limits”. It was all about Helium, Thought Industries' new tools for a headless LMS. It’s another IYKYK situation. In combination with the No Code/Low Code solutions, there is no limit to what can be built for learners. It was really a mind-blown type of experience to listen to it all. Barry Kelly, Todd Boes, Chris McClelland and Michael Siegel gave us all a lot to think about, dream about, even.

And then came Ryan Dillon’s Hot Takes Live! - Be careful if you ever get invited to the hot seat! Peter Scott of the American Pet Products Association and Katie Barr, at Haymarket US really emphasized the use of marketing to target monetization and scaling strategies as lessons learned during pandemic times. And they ate wings with HOT SAUCES. And survived.

I sat in on the VR session - it was AMAZING to see how the team at the Damage Prevention Academy, led by Jay Stevens, have been able to leverage virtual reality tools to work towards loss prevention. In combination with ELB, they’ve elevated learning in their space.

My session was 5 Takes on Innovation. Our all women leaders panel was made up of some of the best in customer education. I was honored to host Katie Cox of Ada, Becky Peltz of Cloudinary, Silvie Liao of Contentful, Nyati Shah of GitLab, and Nicole Sy of Medallia as they showcased what innovation means in their programs. From procedural setups to team wellness, everything they talked about really helps to create a program that will create and innovate as it grows. 

And finally, Maria Manning-Chapman. As the VP of Research, Education Services at TSIA, she has access to mountains of numbers. With that, she brought a roadmap to building the new world of education services. By building Content Consumption Strategy, Recurring Revenue Strategy, Data Collection & Analytics Strategy, and Content & Adoption Curve Alignment Strategy, education becomes scalable, and predictive. Lively discussion from the audience on some of this. It was great to see all the comments.

And we wrapped up with networking roundtables again. My Communities group had a lively discussion on engagement and how to build from scratch.

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