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Does anyone have a user guide that they created to show their managers and/or instructors how to use the system?  We are having a great deal of difficulty trying to create these.  If anyone has one they would be willing to share, we will not divulge any confidential information.  We just need some help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Becky! We have put together a ton of these. In our use case, we have almost all panorama users. We have created 3 custom roles for panos based on the job tasks each one does. To train them, we started with live training where we walk through all the pieces and then focused on job tasks and created visual job aids and short videos (in some cases) for each tasks. Now, we have a library of “how-tos” that seem to work for us and our folks. The biggest challenge is that they don’t utilize long videos and get lost in long job aids, so we try to keep them as short as possible. Once of my goals next year is to clean up what we have a bit and create at least one single document that acts more of a start to finish guide that references the pieces. 

I attached one of the bigger job aids for you to take a look at. This is the longest one I think I have, most are about 5 pages (give or take). 

Hi Alexis,  This is an awesome guide.  Do you have any that show an instructor how to manage,grade or complete a course?  Anything that might help with manager tasks like entering a new learner, disabling a learner, assigning courses, running reports, etc?  We are really struggling right now to get things in place and figure out how to communicate tasks.

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Hi Becky, 

Our instructors don’t do those things, so i do not. Our only user management guide has a bit of our IP in it, so i can’t share that one out. I used Snagit to take the screen shots in these and place arrows/red boxes, and then put them into a ppt  to create the job aid. They are easy to make. Alternatively, we have some videos that we make that go along with these job aids. For those I’ll use a specific screen recorder tool or even just record in zoom. Then it’s just a matter of talking through it. 

Alexis, thank you for the information.  I appreciate your response.