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I’m trying to create a report that shows which learners are associated with different subscriptions we’ve setup. While assigned subscriptions are reflected in the Access section of the learner profile, I’m having difficulty finding the associated data field in the Reporting Hub. Does anyone have suggestions or have experience building similar reports? The default Subscription Transaction Log isn’t helpful in this situation as it only reflects paid subscription purchases and not any associated with registration codes.

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Hi there!

I have two ideas:

  1. Have you tried looking a subscription-based reports in Reporting Hub > Explore > Subscription Transactions, then reviewing the fields to see if you can find the one you are looking for? (I know some fields aren’t available to add to reports, which is hard when you are looking for a specific combination of data.)

    In the screen shot below, you’ll see All Fields, then Subscription Details field are revealed. Perhaps these will give you the info you want. You can click on the label to add it to the report or click on the green inverted triangle next to the label added as a filter. 
  2. If the above suggestions i not quite right since you are working on subscriptions + codes, try accessing Reporting Hub > Explore > How are learners enrolling in content? > Click redemptionCode on the pie chart, and that should give you a list of enrollments by redemption code. *I am not sure if subscriptions show here, so if they don’t, see #3.
  3. Is the report found on Users > Reg. Codes/Red. Codes > Actions > View Redemptions lacking info you need, or might that give you want you’re looking for?

I’d say check with your CSM if you haven’t already. They might know this answer, too, though I am really glad you posted here, so I don’t want to discourage that. :)

Take care!




Hi @amberkleven! Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the first option only shows data for paid subscription purchases and doesn’t include registration or redemption code “purchases.” Suggestion 2 doesn’t get us to specific Subscription SKUs. The third suggestion results in a lot of .csv downloads since we have A LOT of registration codes, none of which contain the subscriptions that are associated with each registration code.


We’ve reached out for additional help with this, but thank you again for your suggestions.

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Shoot! Thanks for taking the time to check out the options. One more idea-- you can use API to pull codes, so maybe that is an option. Here is the API call: redemptions


Have a great weekend.