How do you let learners know they received a certificate?

  • 23 May 2023
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Upon completion of your course, is there a feature you use or a route you take to let the learner know that their certificate has been awarded and is not able to be accessed under the “Certificate” tab of the dashboard?

7 replies

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What do you mean is not available under the Certificate tab of the Dashboard? Doesn’t yours show up there? 
I think they also get an email if I am remembering correctly. 

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Oops! I meant “now” not “not”!

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Got it….I do think I remember reading that learners also get the certificate notification in an email, but am I dreaming that? 

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I’m checking with my co-worker to see if that’s correct on our end too because that may be enough of a notification. Thank you Lisa!

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@LisaRollins  yes, you are correct. The learner does get an email notification that they have received a completion certificate. This is great, but we are still looking for suggestions on how to let our learners know at the moment they pass/complete their course (confetti, unicorns, emojis??) - it just seems so anti-climatic to just “exit course” 😉

@madelinefiretech  @LisaRollins  @juliefiretech  If any of you are interested and wanna throw an upvote, I just posted a suggestion for displaying the earned certificate WITHIN the course!


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@LisaRollins @juliefiretech @madelinefiretech  So the user gets a notification but to be clear, you have to build that notification and you can have a different notification for each/any content.  We direct our learners to return to the dashboard where there is now a certification tab that was likely not there before and we let them know that alternatively, they can view their transcript to share on LinkedIn.  The notification I don’t find to be super helpful because many organizations will quarantine or spam flag the email.  Hope this helps.