How does Due Date on Learning Paths work?

  • 19 June 2024
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I recently set up Due Dates for all my learning paths for my side of the org and I’ve noticed the only way a Due Date is being assigned to a Learning Path is if a Manager enrolls them into the Learning Path.

Here are some screenshots of some reports showing the Type and Source with Due Dates and without.

Manager enrollment creates the “Enrollment” type and generates a Due Date.
Learners starting LPs from Catalog doesn’t generate a Due Date.

What am I missing? From what I can tell, I can’t go through and manually assign due dates for each Learner to Learning Path, but why if they access it from the Catalog, it doesn’t generate a Due Date for them?


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5 replies

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@dhall That’s a great question.  I have to confess that I have never thought of putting a LP with a due date in the catalog.  When I have a due date in mind, I also have an audience in mind, and so LPs with due dates always get assigned for me.

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Hi @charles.zimmerman . Yea my side of the org has over 100 people and I’d like to avoid having to go through and bulk assign LPs to people. We try to promote independence and then have the LPs as part of their key metrics. For example, you are on Team Bravo, you should take LPs Bravo1 and then Bravo2. 

At that point, it’s on them enroll into Bravo1 LP.

This is so that when there are moves, new hires, etc., we don’t have to go through an assign LPs to each and every individual.

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I now have the perfect example of it not assigning a Due Date.

This user started working on their LP this morning. 

The first “Action Source” by this user is learning_path_started, so by logic, it should have assigned a “LP Due Date” 7 days from today’s date. See below LP settings:


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@dhall the answer may be in front of us.  The first action has to be learner enrolled.  Look at the fine print under the rolling number of days.  “7 Days from Learner Enrollment” and not 7 Days from Learner Start.  I agree with you, but I am pointing out that Ti defines the action and it is not starting the content.  It is the date of enrollment.

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@charles.zimmerman , I ended up opening a ticket with Ti Support and they directed me to an article about Assigned Programs. Long story short, only when a user is manually assigned/bulk assigned the content does the Learning Path Due Date. Accessing it from the catalog bypasses the due date.


I requested the article be updated for clarity because that is not how it currently reads. Consider this mystery solved.

In other news… upvote this suggestion to manage due dates of Learning Paths: Manage Due Dates for Learning Paths for Learners/Enrolled Learners | Thought Industries Customer Community