Is anyone experiencing issues with the % of Video Viewed Completion Criteria?

  • 13 March 2024
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We occasionally receive requests from learners who claim they have watched required course videos, usually going as far as saying they have done so “multiple times”. This puts us in an awkward position, as we are never ever to replicate the issue on our devices. Has anyone seen issues with this setting on certain web browsers or devices? Or do we continue to treat these requests with skepticism :) 

3 replies

Are you setting the % Viewed criteria at 100%? I had a similar issue and resolved it by setting it to 99%. 

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@michgennarie We started at 100%, and did have a lot of issues with that, but we moved to 90% a year or so ago

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@KyleITI Thank you.  There do appear to be some built in rules for Wistia that are not even documented on the Wistia site.  

  1. The video must play in a dominant window or tab
  2. You can raise the speed but you cannot fast forward
  3. You cannot scrub the video (manually slide the play progress)