Trying to audit content for all existing custom fields that are being used

  • 6 November 2023
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We have over 400+ pieces of content in our system and did not do the best job of ensuring all custom fields + tags were as accurate as they should have been. The custom fields + tags are pulled into the catalogs to help a customer search through our content to find what is relevant to them. 

We need to basically conduct an audit of every single piece of content and the custom fields + tags that are attached. Does anyone know if there is a report you can run to do this? Or do we have to go into each individual content item, check the custom fields + tags and basically maintain a spreadsheet outside of TI to do this?


Thanks for the help! 

4 replies

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Hi Kristin! 

I completely understand your predicament. We do have a tag management project on our roadmap. Albeit, I do not have an ETA on implementation, but do know that it is on the horizon.



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you can pull custom fields info in a report - you get 1 row for each custom field. Start with Explore/Start Building/Content Catalog/What does my session catalog data look like?

No help with tags though :( we’re all in that boat!

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We are going through a similar process right now and found that the best way to get a single row for each item with tags was through the list content API endpoint 

Our team was able to pull out a list of all the content and then transform it so there was one row per item with tags in separate columns. It required a little work but may get you what you need. 

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@Community Team , any word on the tag manager?